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  • Better Homes & Gardens is a home & gardening magazine about turning your property into a welcoming home. Learn how to transform your yard into a stunning landscape, turn simple ingredients into delectable dishes, and master home decor.
  • Golf Digest

    $16.77 / year
    Golf Digest magazine is one of the most-read golf magazines in the world. The magazine includes instruction on how to become a better golfer, the best golf courses and the stories behind famous professionals.
  • Health

    $15.97 / year
    Health is a health and fitness magazine that is geared to women who embrace healthy living.
  • INC

    $19.99 / year
    Inc. magazine is business and finance magazine providing insight into the world of business in the United States and around the world. This magazine is an authority on the fastest growing, most-innovative companies as well as the people behind them.
  • Yoga Journal

    $24.99 / year
    Yoga Journal is a healthy living magazine that is devoted to health, exercise, and the yoga lifestyle. It is a valuable resource for yogis of all ages, offering tips on completing poses correctly, eating well, and delivering information about the spiritual side of practicing yoga.
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