• Alaska

    $24.00 / year
    Alaska is a local & regional magazine that covers tourist spots, hunting and fishing, parks and the local culture. In every issue, readers will learn about wildlife, local restaurants and bars, getaway spots and so much more!
  • Angels on Earth

    $19.95 / year
    Angels on Earth magazine is packed with stories about present-day angels and the inspiring messages that they deliver. Each magazine contains real life stories about people who have experienced modern-day miracles. Filled with stories of hope and faith, Angels on Earth is perfect for anyone who wants to read inspiring true stories.
  • Atlanta

    $14.95 / year
    Atlanta is an award-winning publication celebrating the city of Atlanta, Georgia - its news, culture, and diverse communities.
  • Farm & Ranch Living is a farming magazine for readers who have a love of the land. Ideal for farmers, ranchers, rural families and more, each issue features stories and photos celebrating the beauty and simple pleasures of life on the American farmstead.
  • Allure

    $15.00 / year
    Allure magazine is a women's beauty magazine that is packed with celebrity tips and insider secrets from the pros.
  • Bella NYC

    $45.00 / year
    BELLA NYC Magazine is a national subscription- and newsstand-based lifestyle publication offering a curated guide to fashion, beauty, health, philanthropy, arts and culture, cuisine, celebrities, and entertainment.
  • Chicago is a Midwest magazine that focuses on the politics, culture, and lifestyles of the Windy City known as Chicago, Illinois.
  • Christianity Today offers the most complete news reporting on the Church in the world today. Each issue of Christianity Today offers redemptive yet honest coverage of the people, events, and ideas shaping the Church and culture.
  • Country Woman is a women's interest magazine focused on the simplicity and beauty of the rural lifestyle. Articles celebrate a love for the home and family, as well as crafts, cooking, gardening and interior decorating.
  • Dance

    $34.95 / year
    Dance Magazine is a publication dedicated to the art and lifestyle of aspiring and professional dancers. The magazine inspires and educates readers of all skill levels. Dance styles covered in the magazine range from ballet to contemporary/lyrical, musical theater, hip-hop, jazz, modern and tap. Get health, fitness and beauty tips; learn the secrets of success from expert dancers.

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